Lifelong learning

There is a significant shortage of technically skilled personnel in the market. That is why there is a high focus on educating school leavers, career changers, and those returning to work. However, the training of existing employees is still too often forgotten. Advisors, estimators, designers, engineers, planners, mechanics, project managers, and maintenance parties often have too much work to do, leaving insufficient time for deepening and broadening their knowledge. This is a missed opportunity because technology continues to develop

Innovations determine our future

To keep up with techniques, construction methods, standards, and norms, lifelong learning is necessary. Kannegieter College supports this with an extensive range of informative courses and practical training. In just one or two days, you will receive all the tools you need, for example, to design, configure, install, measure, and test fiber optic and twisted-pair cabling networks correctly, in accordance with current standards and norms. But an introduction to data communication and networking, an in-depth training in Certified Data Centre or Fluke Networks CCTT, or a tailor-made training are also possible.

Over 45 market-oriented courses and training

A quality good products is only complete with a good design and a sound configuration and installation. This also applies to Local Area Network (LAN) cabling and components. Kannegieter College responds to this with over 45 market-oriented basic courses (theory), combination courses (theory and practice), and practical training, which can be provided in Amersfoort, Brussels, or at your location.

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