Certified Data Centre Courses

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Extensive experience and research into the best techniques and solutions for data centres have led to a select offering of courses and training in the field of data centre design and operational management. Our Certified Data Centre training covers topics such as Intelligent Infrastructure Management Solutions, current standards, norms and guidelines, architectural aspects, and the application of the right cables, (server) enclosures, UPS systems, ePDUs, and measuring and testing equipment.

Design, Setup, and Management

During the Data Center Designer (DCD) and Data Center Technician (DCT) courses, you will learn how to translate the customer’s IT requirements into the right room sizes and layouts, rack configurations, cable management systems, cooling capacities, fire detection and suppression systems, UPS sizing, generator sizes, and power requirements. In short, you will learn how to optimize the design and setup of data centres to elevate reliability, safety, scalability, and cost-efficiency to the highest level. If you are more interested in managing a data centre, then our Data Center Operational Management (DCOM) course is suitable, covering topics such as capacity planning, equipment commissioning and decommissioning, (safety) standards, and security.

  • The Certified Data Centre courses and training are suitable for IT managers, data centre managers, facility managers, engineers, consultants, and other specialists involved in data centre design and operational management on a daily basis and are exclusively conducted in English.
  • Some basic knowledge of IT and engineering is desirable for taking the courses and training.
  • Each course or training concludes with an examination.
  • Upon successful completion of this examination, you will receive a Certified Data Centre certificate.

KCO 0500

DCD | Certified Data Centre Design Course

KCO 0505

DCOM | Certified Data Centre Operations Management Course

KCO 0520

DCP | Certified Data Centre Primer Course

KCO 0521

DCT | Certified Data Centre Technician Course

KCO 0522

DCAF | Certified Data Centre Auditor Facilities Course

KCO 0523

DCFS | Certified Data Centre Fire Specialist Course

KCO 0534

DC | Design & Operations Manager Update Course

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