TKM Networks

You can obtain your TKM certification at Kannegieter College

To be eligible to design, install, and test certified TKM network cabling systems and meet the TKM 25 years functional guarantee requirements, TKM certification is mandatory. As a partner of TKM, Kannegieter College offers the TKM Networks | System Integrator Course to achieve this certificate. These courses are exclusively accessible to designers, estimators, project managers, supervisory (lead) technicians, and technicians from TKM Networks Approved Partners. To maintain the certification, a biennial update is mandatory.

Well-informed and up-to-date

During the course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of TKM and the twisted-pair and fiber portfolio. It also covers (inter)national standards and norms, the installation, termination, testing of TKM cabling systems, as well as administration and labeling. After completing the course, you will receive a personal TKM certificate.

TKM 1001

TKM Networks | System Integrator Course

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