Measuring and testing equipment

Measurement = knowledge and improvement

Once the IT infrastructure is installed in a building, it must be measured and tested. This is not only to ensure a good, reliable, and fast data connection but also to comply with the applicable standards and guidelines such as ISO, CENELEC, and TIA. Kannegieter caters to this with an extensive range of measuring and testing equipment, from power meters and wifi meters to Optical Time-Domain Reflectometers (OTDR) and Optical Loss Test Sets (OLTS). The measuring and testing equipment is delivered from stock, and it is also possible to rent the equipment from Kannegieter. To ensure that all measuring and testing equipment is used correctly, Kannegieter offers a comprehensive training and education program, as well as extensive services to calibrate and keep the measuring equipment up to date.

Copper and fiber optic cabling

If you have installed copper or fiber optic cabling, it is essential to measure and test it before delivery and according to the design conditions. This is done to detect any errors in the cabling, which can have a significant impact on the overall network performance. Are all cables connected correctly? And do the wires make an optimal connection, in accordance with the applicable standards and the manufacturer’s quality requirements? Is fine-tuning needed somewhere? Only when all measurement results are positive, and all connections are correctencoded, can the delivery and certification take place, obtaining a long-term guarantee on the network’s operation.

Wifi site surveys and troubleshooting

For the installation of a professional business network, a good wifi site survey is necessary. During this site survey, the coverage and performance of the wifi network are first visualized in a heatmap. Where should access points be mounted to guarantee optimal coverage? After installation and during active measurement, the signal strength (RSSI) can then be checked. How does this signal strength compare to background noise (SNR)? What is the wifi upload and download speed? And the frequency space (bandwidth)? Are there any latency spikes and/or packet loss? What are sources of interference? And how can they be removed or bypassed, so that wifi coverage and performance are raised to the highest level? In the usage phase, the measuring and testing equipment can be used to solve coverage problems caused by changes, machinery, objects, and/or other disruptions.


The measuring and testing equipment can also be rented from Kannegieter as per your requirements. Thanks to Kannegieter’s their extensive rental service, you do not have to worry about financing, depreciation, calibration, and maintenance. Moreover, you always have access to the latest and most advanced equipment, which can be returned insured upon request.


In addition to the measuring and testing equipment, Kannegieter also offers an extensive range of installation tools, from cutting pliers, stripping tools, and punch-down tools to fusion splicers. They also provide various fiber cleaning tools for cleaning fiber optic connectors and adapters.

Why choose Kannegieter's testing and measuring equipment?

  • Balanced range of A-brand products.
  • Complete service: from simple tools to extensive wifi meters and OTDR meters and everything in between.
  • Knowledgeable experts.
  • Standard delivery from stock.
  • Option for rental.

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