Practical courses

Seeing, Practicing, Analyzing, and Optimizing

For acquiring knowledge and skills, theoretical foundational knowledge is required. It is also important to gain as much practical experience as possible. By observing, practicing, analyzing, and optimizing everyday situations in a current and safe learning environment, the course material is better retained. Kannegieter College aligns with this approach by offering various practical and hands-on training in twisted-pair cabling and fiber optic cabling, seamlessly complementing real-world practices and Kannegieter’s extensive product portfolio.

Getting It Right the First Time

In our modern, well-equipped practical classroom in Amersfoort, you work hands-on, just like you would on the job. You work not only with the latest patch panels but also with realistic data cable lengths. This allows you to become highly proficient in installing, terminating, measuring, and testing cabling infrastructures. What types of cables and connectors are there? How do you ensure correct terminations? How can you verify the quality of the connection? What measurement and testing equipment is involved, and how do you set up and use this equipment correctly? The knowledge and skills you acquire can be immediately applied in practice. Enroll today in a twisted-pair cabling or fiber optic cabling training and ensure that you install, measure, and test correctly the first time!

Twisted-Pair Practical Training

With our targeted instructions, you will learn to terminate and test panels, connectors, and plugs in your own patch panel. This includes all variants of twisted-pair cables. Moreover, you will become acquainted with both punch-down, comfort tool, and tool-free termination methods. Which termination technique works best for you? After termination, you will learn to measure and test the connections you have installed, with the results being analyzed and discussed together

Fiber Optic Practical Training

Following our focused instructions, you will independently perform fusion splicing of pigtails onto a fiber optic cable. The terminated fiber optic cable is then measured using an Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS). This includes understanding the importance and execution of a fiber optic reference measurement, as well as checking the Test Reference Cords (TRCs). The measurement results will be analyzed and discussed collectively. Additionally, there will be a thorough focus on cleaning fiber optic connectors and inspecting them.

KCC 0126

Fiber Optic Cabling | Fusion Splicing Practice and Fluke Networks CertiFiber Pro Setup

KCC 0226

Twisted-Pair Cabling | Installation Practice and Fluke Networks DSX-5000/8000 Pro Configuration

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