Customized Training

The training partner for In-Company and custom training programs

The training partner for In-Company and custom training programs
Are you looking for a customized cabling training or course for your employees? Whether it’s a short (refresher) course, a specific training module, or a complete training program, our trainers are ready to collaborate with you. Based on your specific needs and the knowledge level of the participating employees, we can develop a customized training program for you. From active networks (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and measuring equipment) to passive networks (twisted-pair cabling, fiber optic cabling, and cabinets) and from design to configuration and installation: our custom training programs cover all the topics that are essential for your company and employees. As per your preference, the custom training can be held in Amersfoort, Brussels, at your location (In-Company), or externally, on a date and time that suits you.

Practical Training Programs

Recently, for instance, we developed a practical training program for operating a new type of meter, as this wasn’t initially possible from the manufacturer. We provided a customized training for the Ministry of Defense on fusion splicing, termination, and testing of fiber optic cabling. Additionally, we trained divers from a specialized underwater operations company in fiber optic cable splicing under increased pressure and humidity conditions. This even involved simulating underwater splicing at depths of up to 20 meters! We also designed a custom training program for data center employees at the University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen, focusing on inspecting, measuring, and testing fiber optic cabling, as well as cleaning MPO/MTP fiber connectors in their own data centers.

Advanced Courses

On behalf of SPIE, we developed a custom course for a large group of estimators who were grappling with various questions, such as the implications of remote powering and its impact on cabling design. To identify all training needs, we initiated this process with a brief online meeting. Subsequently, we tailored a two-day custom course based on all the questions, which included both substantive information and ample room for interaction. Lastly, we devised a short theoretical training program for various technicians, work planners, and project managers who wanted to gradually deepen their knowledge of twisted-pair and fiber optic cabling.

"We learned much more than we thought and asked for."

Jeroen- Project Manager

Key advantages of an In-Company training or course:

  • You select the topics, location, time, and duration of the training or course.
  • There’s maximum focus on company-specific issues, making the training or course highly concrete and relevant.
  • You can combine multiple training sessions or courses into a single training program.
  • Learning together fosters energy and motivation among employees and contributes to team spirit.
  • The barrier for employees to participate in the training or course is significantly lower.
  • Employees’ knowledge level is elevated, making them even more specialized in their field.

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