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Partner in connectivity and power management

With the increasing digitalization and growing demand for data, data centers have become an indispensable link in the infrastructure of our society. Every four years, the data center sector doubles in size, and the availability of data has become almost a utility, following in the footsteps of water and electricity. However, designing, building, and managing data centers remains a specialist job. Laws and regulations, for example, are becoming increasingly strict to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of data centers. In addition, developments such as cloud computing, virtualization, and Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM) are following each other at a rapid pace. Kannegieter knows the ins and outs of this industry and has close contact with data center developers, installers, ICT managers, and administrators. We are a member of the NEN norm committee and regularly listen to organizations such as BICSI and ANSI/TIA 942, making us well-informed about the latest (normative) developments. Based on this, we can provide the best products, advice, and services.

Maximum involvement

Our support starts with the data center design and the definition of customer environments (co-locations) that need to be placed on the data center floor. What are the connectivity and power management needs? And what is the customer’s branding? How can we support this with our white space knowledge and solutions to create an intuitive system? Where is customization needed? Because Kannegieter is brand-independent, you are always assured of a technically and financially objective and honest advice. From cabling to server cabinets, UPS systems, and PDUs: our portfolio knows no limitations.

High uptime guarantees

In data centers, infrastructures are installed redundantly at a minimum so that extremely high uptime guarantees can be given. Kannegieter’s strength is that this connectivity is already visible in the design, for example, by using different colors. By making the cabling as generic as possible and possibly preassembled in fixed lengths, we ensure ease during assembly.

Extensive project guidance

Following design support, we are also happy to take on project guidance. For example, if a customer has specific wishes regarding the purchase and delivery of connectivity and power management products, the definition of specifications, or installing partners. No question is too crazy for us! Because we have an extensive ecosystem of installing partners and manufacturers, we can always make the right connections.

Delivery without packaging materials

An important service for data centers is delivery without packaging materials. We have developed a system with roll containers in which all products are neatly unpacked and pre-sorted. This allows the installing party to start installing immediately, without wasting valuable unpacking time. And perhaps even more importantly, the project location remains completely free of packaging materials.

Choosing Kannegieter means choosing:

  • Customized advice.
  • Design and definition of customer environments.
  • Knowledge of current standards and norms.
  • Broad product portfolio.
  • Brand-independent.
  • High level of expertise.
  • Extensive service and project guidance.
  • Standard delivery from stock.
  • Extensive logistics and storage services, including Just-In-Time (JIT), Same Day, and Next Day deliveries.

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