Leviton Network Solutions is a single-source global manufacturer of innovative end-to-end copper and fiber cabling systems.

In 2015, Leviton acquired Brand-Rex, joining together two leaders in cable and network connectivity. Both Leviton and Brand-Rex share a rich history of delivering state-of-the-art network infrastructure – Leviton for 110+ years in more than 85 countries, and Brand-Rex for over 50 years at our Scotland, UK headquarters.

By joining forces under Leviton, the two entities have pooled their expertise and resources to form a single, global provider, dedicated to delivering innovative products with superior quality and exceptional customer service.

You need fast and reliable IT networks. And you need to deploy them quickly. That’s where Leviton comes in with customer focus, manufacturing capabilities, and innovative systems.

Leviton is a single-source global manufacturer of end-to-end fiber and copper cabling systems. That means all components — from jacks to cable to patch panels — come from Leviton factories, where our product development teams continually innovate to improve on system performance, quality construction, and sustainability. With nearly a dozen factories globally, we have the capacity for redundant operations and quick-turn assemblies in large quantities, so product is always available.

Leviton is privately owned company with a storied 115-year history, so our top priority is our customers and their success. Leviton are known for our seamless customer support and well-stocked inventory in every region around the world. Plus, when you partner with a single source for cabling systems, everything is simplified — you only have one place to go for ordering, support, and warranties. All of this adds up to the highest return on your infrastructure investment.


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