Minkels is your specialist in data center infrastructures: Cabinets, Aisle Containment and Cooling

Minkels products stand out for their innovativeness and flexibility. Customers can always be assured that they will get the very latest data center technology: modular solutions that respond to evolving, customer-specific business requirements. All our products are future-proof by nature. We see that as a ‘must’, because the role of data centers is changing rapidly, driven by factors such as the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and IT cost reduction. Minkels believes that modularity and complete integration are the key to a future-proof data center. Only this makes offering the right degree of flexibility and efficiency possible. These are not just buzzwords for Minkels – it’s something we really stand for.

These are our core values:

  • Innovation and flexibility
  • From standard to customer-specific
  • Energy efficiency
  • Modularity and integration
  • Global presence, local excellence

Innovation and flexibility

Minkels handles its development, production, and sales in-house. Combined with the requisite knowledge and expertise, this ensures customers are always receiving the latest data center technology.
From standard to customer-specific.
With Minkels, you are always provided with a data center solution that will suit you, whether it’s a standard solution or a customer-specific product.

Energy efficiency

Legrand and Minkels value Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very highly. Minkels therefore aims to retain its leading position in energy-efficient solutions, allowing both the customer and the environment to benefit.

Modularity and integration

Modularity and complete integration are the foundations for a flexible, efficient, and future-proof data center.

Global presence, local excellence

Minkels aims for consistent quality and availability of its products worldwide, complemented by local service.


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