Corning Incorporated is one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. Corning Optical Communications, part of Corning Inc. provides solutions for Data Centre, In-Building Networks, Carrier, and OEM.

Corning’s mission and vision is another 170 years of innovation and independence. Our ultimate goal is a world that is better because of our efforts: a world with cleaner air, healthier lives, richer entertainment experiences, and more efficient communication.

Values Corning has a clear set of corporate Values that guide our actions and decisions: Quality, Integrity, Performance, Leadership, Innovation, Independence, and the Individual. The Values are the foundation of our strong, collaborative culture, and Corning live all seven, all the time, all around the world.

Corning adopted 14 sustainability goals to accelerate and focus our efforts to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues

“At Corning, we are the best in the world at what we do and we continue to enhance our knowledge and hone our skills so that we are always creating a better version of ourselves.”

Wendell P. Weeks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Corning optical connectivity solutions are delivering high-quality broadband capabilities across the enterprise, carrier, and wireless markets, as well as the expanding frontier of consumer electronic devices. With demand for bandwidth skyrocketing as network usage proliferates and new technologies develop, Corning is responding with innovations for fibre to the premise (FTTP), wireless technology, in-building networks and data centres.

Our success begins with our unwavering commitment to research, development, and engineering. Corning is home to one of the longest-operating research laboratories in the United States, and we continue to invest in RD&E at a much higher rate than our peers. Our investments support today’s businesses while also creating entirely new businesses to drive tomorrow’s growth.

Data center

Whether operating an enterprise, hyperscale/cloud, or multitenant data center, today’s network infrastructure must be reliable, manageable and scalable. Corning’s multi-award winning EDGE™ and EDGE8® solutions for high density applications and our data center interconnect solution with RocketRibbon™ extreme-density cables support today’s growing bandwidth demand and low latency requirements and provide an easy, future-ready migration path to 400G and beyond.

In-Building Networks

Connected devices are everywhere, with new applications and capabilities driving a need for more reliable connectivity inside of buildings. Corning’s converged fiber-deep infrastructure is meeting this demand with scalable capacity, coverage and a simple migration path to future technologies. Whether a traditional LAN deployment, utilizing the recently enhanced copper portfolio, or the next generation of in-building networks, Corning Everon™ is the complete enterprise-grade network solution you’ve been looking for.


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